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Chateau de Chambord

The Chateau de Chambord is one of the most famous manor houses in the world. It’s located in Chambord, Loir-et-Cher. France. The castle is know for its classic, unique, renaissance style. The chambord was made by King Francois I and it is the largest castle in the entire Loire Valley. For more information about the chambord, please visit their visit at 

Cathedral of St. Basil

Cathedral of St. Basil is a Russian Orthodox Church located at Moscow, Russia. The cathedral is the most recognizable symbol of Russia. Its colorful onion domes are easily recognize by the world as a symbol of Moscow. Each of the individual chapels contain medieval painted walls and various artworks in its interior. 

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. The Bridge was built in 1883  and it connects Manhattan and Brooklyn  over the East River. The Bridge was originally named New York and Brooklyn Bridge or the East River Bridge, but it was renamed later as the Brooklyn Bridge. Since its opening, the bridge serves as an iconic image of New York City.

Bank of China Tower

The Bank of China Tower is one of the most famous skyscrapers in Hong Kong, China. The building stands 1033.5 ft tall and was the tallest building in Hong Kong and Asia from 1989-1992. I.M Pei designed this building to “represent the aspirations of the Chinese people yet also symbolizes good will toward the British Colony.” The tower is located on the left side of this image (the one with the zig zag patterns.)

Air Force Academy Chapel

The United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel was built in 1962 and its located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States. The most unique feature of the Chapel is its row of seventeen spires. The Cadet Chapel is specifically design to house three different worship areas under one roof. The Protestant Chapel is located at the main floor, the Catholic Chapel is located below the Protestant Chapel, and lastly The Jewish Chapel is located on the Lower Level.

Peleș Castle

Peles Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle located in the Carpathian Mountains in Prahova county, Romania. The Castle was built in 1873 and had housed some of the most famous Romania Monarchs including King Carol I. Peles is a palace but many people like to call it a castle. Peles Castle is open to the public if you’re interested, please visit their website for more information at

Elephant Building

Isn’t this building cute? The Elephant Building or Chang Building is located in Bangkok, Thailand. This building is one of the most famous building in Thailand because of its characteristic of an elephant. The building has 32 floors and is 335 ft high. There are 7 parts to this building: Tower A and B (office), Tower C (residential), Top floor for luxurious residential suites, recreation grounds, shopping plaza, and parking garage.

Birr Castle

Birr Castle is located in the town of Birr in County Offaly, Ireland. The castle was built in 1170. The O’ Carroll Family rule there from 14th to 17th century. A main feature of the castle is ” The Great Telescope” of the third Earl of Rosse. For admission information, please visit their website at